Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

With in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, we expertly manage the construction budget for your project to deliver an outstanding result which exceeds all expectation.

Applying modern and efficient systems, we put proper procedures in place to minimise any commercial risk throughout the duration of the project. Very much team players, we communicate and work well with everyone involved. However we also understand the challenges which can arise in construction projects and use our experience and expertise to find effective solutions to resolve possible disputes firmly but fairly.

Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

Preparing cost plan budgets

We create a detailed and accurate forecast budget, often with actual quotations from specialist sub-contractors or suppliers.

Issuing formal contracts

We recommend the most suitable form of contract for the project, and collate and issue it to the contractor.

Managing the tender process

We agree a suitable list of tendering contractor companies at the initial stage of a project. We collate a detailed tender package, including a ‘Scope of Works & Pricing Document’ to help the contractor in identifying the extent of the works to be priced. On receipt of tenders, we prepare a detailed Tender Analysis Report summarising the tender prices and highlighting our proposals.

Providing post-contract management

We agree valuations with the contractor and issue relevant payment notices; hold on-site management meetings with the contractor, client and design team; manage cost control and negotiate the final account.


Project Management

With a sound understanding of the construction process, we manage projects across the scale which can often be complex and challenging in nature.

In each case, we offer an exceptional level of service throughout – from conception to completion. Taking time initially to fully understand the client’s brief, we use our contacts and experience to select and motivate a team, come up with great ideas, overcome challenges, and keep everything on track to deliver highly successful and satisfying results for our clients.

Our Project Management role

In addition to the overarching responsibility of managing and maintaining a project’s quality plan, our project management role is to:


Attend meetings as required by the client.


Advise or assist in the selection of consultants.


Ensure that the works are designed/ specified within the allowances as contained in the authorised budget.


Ensure that the works are adequately supervised and that all information is thoroughly checked.


Inform the client of any changes (or proposed changes) in legislation, regulations, design guidance or bye-law which could impact the project.


Assist and collaborate with other consultants in advising on energy performance

Minimise Risk

Manage risk workshops and provide sufficiently detailed information to allow the preparation and regular update of the risk register, relating to technical and commercial issues,

Manage/Minimise Scope Creep

Use our best endeavours to achieve economies in time, cost and design.

Ensure Contractual Compliance (Community Benefit)

Comply with the community benefit requirements identified in the Contract.

Coordinate delivery

Liaise with all other project team members and other Client advisors to achieve an integrated and coordinated delivery in particular on the evaluation of submissions and finalisation of contracts.


Cost Management

The Cost Management role is fundamental to controlling and managing the costs of a project as it progresses. Cost management requires focus in silo as it underpins the whole lifecycle of the project.

A Cost Manager will not just estimate, quantify and sign-off costs and budgets, but will be active throughout the entire project from conception to delivery to manage suppliers, contractors, situations and scenarios to best realise their cost projections and deliver projects to agreed budget or budget scales.

Change Control

A key part of Cost Management is to manage changes and provide early warnings of changes (and associated costs) to the project.  We use a change request form to identify early warnings and to avoid any surprises for clients.  If early warnings are used properly and in a spirit of collaboration, we can manage any required changes more effectively that they otherwise would be.

Our Cost Management role

Managing Costs and Changes
Set-up & administer change control systems
Compile, Monitor & Update RAG Action List
Risk Register

Identify and Flag Early Warnings

Contract Administrator

When we fulfil the role of Contract Administrators we are appointed to manage the contract between the employer and building contractor. We are experienced Contract Administrators and always establish excellent relationships with all parties involved in the project to help avoid and resolve disputes in a manner that is fair and balanced.

Our input would commence before the building contract exists at pre-contract stage and involves investigating and advising on the selection of the method of procurement, and deciding on the type of building contract.

our contract administrator role

Chair meetings
Assess and inform

Pass any contractor Extension of Time or Loss & Expense claims to the client.

Monitor progress
Authorise interim payments to contractors
Inspect works
Certify the date of completion
instruct contractors

Including variation or change orders

Final Accounting

Settle the adjusted contract sum via the Final Accounts process


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