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Project Management

With a sound understanding of the construction process, we manage projects across the scale which can often be complex and challenging in nature.

In each case, we offer an exceptional level of service throughout – from conception to completion. Taking time initially to fully understand the client’s brief, we use our contacts and experience to select and motivate a team, come up with great ideas, overcome challenges, and keep everything on track to deliver highly successful and satisfying results for our clients.

Construction Project Management Services

In addition to the overarching responsibility of managing and maintaining a project’s quality plan, our project management role is to:


Attend meetings as required by the client.


Advise or assist in the selection of consultants.


Ensure that the works are designed/ specified within the allowances as contained in the authorised budget.


Ensure that the works are adequately supervised and that all information is thoroughly checked.


Inform the client of any changes (or proposed changes) in legislation, regulations, design guidance or bye-law which could impact the project.


Assist and collaborate with other consultants in advising on energy performance

Minimise Risk

Manage risk workshops and provide sufficiently detailed information to allow the preparation and regular update of the risk register, relating to technical and commercial issues,

Manage/Minimise Scope Creep

Use our best endeavours to achieve economies in time, cost and design.

Ensure Contractual Compliance (Community Benefit)

Comply with the community benefit requirements identified in the Contract.

Coordinate delivery

Liaise with all other project team members and other Client advisors to achieve an integrated and coordinated delivery in particular on the evaluation of submissions and finalisation of contracts.